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We focus on your personal success, not a pre-set scheme.

Our individualised training combines the advantages of personal training with the standards of the Royal Yachting Association.

Everyone has their own experiences, wishes and personal problems and annoyances on board.
That's why no training session is the same for us.

We specifically strengthen your practical skills and decision-making competences and start where you want to get started.
Because sailing should be one thing above all, fun! Even when things don't go smoothly.

With our training you will gain confidence, routine and aptitude on board your boat. Stress-free and relaxed in every situation, that is our claim.
jeder Situation, das ist unser Anspruch.


RYA/MCA Yachtmaster
Ocean Cruising Instructor

Sailing is my passion. After becoming a Yachtmaster Offshore, I worked for UKSA (United Kingdom Sailing Academy) for two years.

As an instructor and first mate, I was responsible for two 65ft Farr. Even while studying law, I am still active as a skipper and sailing coach today.
It is important to me to respond individually to my clients, because sailing is not the same for everyone. Every person learns differently and comes on board with their own expectations, experiences and knowledge. Everyone defines fun sailing differently. Therefore, a standard sailing course may lead to the successful completion of a sailing licence.

Ausbilder 65ft Farr

But only a tailor-made training will meet the personal wishes for safety, teamwork and routine even in challenging situations.

Watersports is my version of relaxing and fun.

You want to practise mooring, sail changes in strong winds, navigation in the dark, rescue manoeuvres - or just brush up on the basics:

With around 50,000 miles of experience and my passion for sailing, I am very happy to be there for you.